Use Retirement Architecture™

As part of our process we prepare clients for retirement with their own personal Retirement Blueprint using Retirement Architecture™. You wouldn't build a house without a good set of blueprints and it make perfect sense to have a solid set of blueprints for your retirement. The Blueprint can expose what impact a financial “Worst-Case Scenario” would have on their retirement plan.
A Worst-Case Scenario and how the client can reduce their exposure should it come to fruition is often missing in retirement plans.

Repositioning Your Savings For Retirement

Learn to preserve what you have accumulated to fund your retirement years while you are spending it down for retirement income.

Don't Overlook Tax Planning For Retirement

There is no doubt our taxes are going to go up, way up. Your Retirement Blueprint has to take this into consideration to mitigate or eliminate the tax impact on your nest egg. The silent partner you've had in your 401(k) and IRA retirements plans and investments, Uncle Sam, will be demanding a larger portion of your retirement funds, leaving you with less for your spending. There are options to address the impact taxes will have on your retirement. This is one piece of the puzzle, where the younger you are when you address it, the better the outcome in retirement.

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